Concrete Sewing

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      Ferdowsi WTC , Tehran – 2018

      30 m2



    Credit : Finalist of architecture and construction magazine , 2018

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    A small space of about 30 meters, to display the products of a men's formal attire producer

    How can you display a variety of diverse and colorful products in such a small space?

    How can it be possible to breathe elements of the sewing process into this space?

    How do we associate fabric's intricacy with the space?

    How can we create a relatively neutral but attractive background?

     How about the hangers? Can you look at them from a different perspective?

     And the light that should be, but how can it be integrated into the walls?


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    we covered the walls in concrete to both give a sense of violence and disorientation to the space and also to put a neutral color on the substrate. Then we placed a continuous warp and woof on the walls and the concrete floor. We sew the iron thread in the midst of the cobblestones, although we did so a little loosely so that it creates the coat hangers within the wall. Then, through the crevices of these iron sewings we projected light into the space. Slim and penetrating lights, yet effective. We made the table along the same iron strings, and placed it in the center to achieve a smooth flow in the space.

    The result is an unobtrusive, calm and yet adsorbent space, one that is lightweight and the elegance of sewing and fabric can be felt in its threads.

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