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    • Nima Mirzamohammadi

      Ghaem Magham st , Tehran – 2016

      800 m2




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    The client is a petrochemical company which is active in the fertilizer and sulfur industry. They considered to expand their central office in Tehran and bought a new building for this purpose. Construction area is about 800 square meters and refurbishment process took about 7 months.

     The design team had faced two major challenges. The first one was the residential typology of the spaces and the other was lack of necessary infrastructure for petrochemical function.

    The problem was clear and the client asked to tackle the issues with strait forward and creative solutions.

    Ground floor parking should be converted to a lobby space; each level had a couple of separated flats which should be combined. The Northern part is designed for reception areas and employees' offices while the Southern part accommodates senior managers' offices which are connected throw a central corridor.

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    Horizontal connectivity is the chief element of design. Each floor program responds to users' requirements with distinct approaches.  Due to vertical dispersion, spatial connection and readability of spaces became the major focus. The strategy was to make corridors and connection spaces more dynamic and elemental areas more stationary.

    Therefore, vertical circulation as well as entrances designed with polished black and the celling considered to be more simple and transparent with smooth lighting. Louver ceilings also emphasize on the dynamic of corridors. Besides, it allows the designer to overcome low ceilings which was one of initial challenges of the project.

    Color combination in each floor is unique and differentiates each floor and its function. Yellow sulfur is the main product of the company and it was used as third and complementary color in major spaces.

    Green zone in office spaces can contribute to efficacy and of audiences. So we propose 2 to 4 meters planting zone next to Northern and Southern on each floor. The entire office infrastructure like IP network, cameras and electricity sockets designed in the most

    In terms of materials choice, reflective and shiny materials coupled with linier and spot cool lighting have been used to covey the original concept and create a mysterious journey into the spaces.

    A roof garden which includes planting, out-door furniture and shaded space have been proposed In order to hide various technical equipment including a central void, condenser boxes. The designers introduced continuous surfaces of woodplast material to wrap up these boxes. The idea contributes to a better readability of space as well as comfortable zone to serve the staff. The design allows users to enjoy North views as well as South ones and create a pleasant atmosphere for employees to spend parts of their hours for refreshment. In addition, the central part of the roof includes a couple of square white tents with narrow columns to show environmental connection and ultimate lightness.


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