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      Shahryar , Tehran , Iran – 2021

      200 m2


      In progress

     Credit : Finalist of VILLA award 2021

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    | Free roof | Summer villa

    * Point 6: Design of the free roof!

    Here it's all about flexibility.

    The project site is located in the Shahriar area, which is situated in the south of Tehran; an extended garden with dimensions of approximately 11 by 50 meters.

    Three main issues formed the concept:

    First, according to the law, the building must only be on one floor.

    The second was the relatively small width and long length of the project site

    And third, the employer considered a limited infrastructure of about 200 meters with a diverse list of demands and spaces.

    With that in mind, how could we create maximum flexibility in the architecture?

    How to design spaces to be multi-functional?

    How a space can be a bedroom, a game room and also a pavilion.

    Have both a roofed terrace and an open terrace.

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    How can we challenge the boundary between the inside and outside?

    The ceiling started formed our first idea. With a width of 11 meters, it allows the columns to be placed in the thickness of the walls on both sides and the space under the roof is then free.

    We considered the placement of the mass in such a way that the main yard is in front and a small yard is to the end. In this area, 3 trees that the employer wanted to preserve are placed inside the building and pierce the roof.

    We go back to the ceiling, now that the roof is on the side walls and the walls are parallel, it can move and relocate.

    The movement of the roof creates great flexibility in our architecture and challenges the borders of the inside and the outside. When the roof is removed, a room with a roof can be turned into an open pavilion! A terrace with a roof can also be turned into an open terrace suitable for sunbathing during the day and observing the sky at night! Through further scrutiny and studying the possibilities, we found that in order to make this idea more feasible and to also control costs, it is better to consider the maximum range of the roof.

    Now we go to the roof. We have 3 trees and we add 3 boxes to them, boxes that are designed to be flexible. The boxes have a glass roof with walls and windows that open and close, creating a multi-functional space.

    We place the 3 boxes in such a way that a path of about 2.5 meters wide extends from the entrance of the garden to the yard at the end. The entrances of the boxes are from the sides and each of them has independent service and facilities. We put the whole backyard and part of the front yard in the pool to both soften the hot summer air and increase the field of view with its reflections.

    Now let's look at the empty spaces between the boxes. The kitchen, dining room, shared bathroom, billiards area and central hall are located in the center.

    The backyard terrace has two uses, one is cinema and the other is sky observation. Here we created a level difference so that 3 rows of movie seats are on the slope and facing the end wall of the backyard. The video projector image falls on the backyard wall and the roofed yard is placed between the viewer and the image. The telescope is also mounted on a platform that allows 360-degree observation by moving the roof.

    And finally the stairs! The tree at the end is very tall, and this made us think of using the shade under it for the roof. We added another slit to the 3 slits we made in the roof for the trees, to accommodate a light metal staircase. This staircase, which is connected to the roof and moves with it, also creates various conditions in the interior architecture of the building, and 3 platforms in 3 modes have been prepared for its use.

    ‌ At the edge of both sides of the ceiling, we have placed a curtain that can be a soft and light barrier between inside and outside in proportion to the movement of the roof and the function of the spaces.


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