Terrace Park Tower

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      Kamranieh , Tehran – 2019

      5200 m2


      In progress

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    This project was referred to us when the construction process had started based on a so-called Roman design, and since almost half of the building structure had been raised, the client did not accept any structural change, and this situation made us It was very limited in design.

     In today's urban space of Tehran, which is full of apartments that have neither good visibility nor semi-open spaces and open terraces, trying to compensate for these shortcomings, can be a trump card in the success of a residential project.


    Also, the very low per capita green space in this metropolis has made any project that can accommodate green areas, however small, in its heart, become a significant and valuable project.


    The redesign of the Kamraniyeh Park Terrace project is accompanied by the essence of these concepts. The project site is located in one of the best alleys of Kamraniyeh region, which is also wooded, and in addition to the north of the building and the height of the adjacent building, it will also provide views, especially for the upper floors.

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    We started the design process with spots of green space that were located in the facade of the building and then combined them with box-shaped terraces and relatively deep so that a small garden with a beautiful tree can be placed on each terrace. We also opened the roof of the terrace a little at the location of the garden to provide more light, both for the interior and for the plants.

    We also arranged the interior spaces of the units in such a way that these green terraces could be placed in different parts of each floor and create more diversity.

    With the logic that the higher we go, the better our view and the better the units, the more the terraces stretch from the lower floors to the upper ones.


    Despite the fact that the building is a garden tower, the structure was designed in such a way that there were shear walls on both sides and no opening was possible. However, we tried the trick of placing a number of terrace boxes on the edges of the sides; Let's see their extension in the views of the sides.

    The design of the entrance spaces and the area follows the same main concepts of the project, so that the main entrance of the area is like one of the terrace boxes that is built from the lobby body and is combined with a plate of water at the entrance of the building. Is.

    Another of these terrace boxes has been taken to the roof to act as a pavilion in combination with the tent structure and to define the roof garden of the project along with the green space and other side spaces.



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