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      Grand Bazaar – 2014

      30 m2



    Credit : 2nd place in the 7th interior design competition in the office building category, held by Architecture & construction Magazine , 2014

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    Our young client has decided to change an old tailoring workshop to the central office of Green Leaf trading brand that trades fabrics by renovating it. It is located on the central Bazar of Tehran which is a classic place acting as a central market. Although it is old, it does not have any special architectural values needed to be kept.

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    We decided to design something which is completely different from its surrounding buildings, our approach became having notable amount of confliction of the office with its base: An antithesis of it. Another factor that directed us to this approach is the need of our client to have an exhibition place hosting various guests including foreigners and domestic ones. They will be surprised if they imagine coming to an old place but suddenly finding themselves located in a completely different new space.

    There were two items that coached us to this design of renovation and inspiration from them that is difficult to ignore. The first one was a hole located at the central part of the ceiling. The second one was the requirement of four different spaces by our client that should be close to each other: an entrance, an exhibition place acting as a show room forfabrics, management and accounting desks. We put the hole as the central element of this office then extended it visually by designing lightening elements on the new ceiling. A glass surface is used to divide the public and private zones providing enough privacy for the accounting part.

    Black and white is set as main colors letting the fabrics be exhibited correctly. It ensures that the hue of space do not conflict with colorful fabrics changing time to time. Since the accounting needs lots of space, we put plenty amount of cabinet near it, setting its color white guarantees that it never looks messy and dirty. Setting the color of the management part black and making it the opposite of the accounting zone ensures that it can be distinguished easily.


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