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      Tehran – 2020

      550 m2



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    Race cars,

    A race track

    And finally  [ LOOP ]


    Considering the objective and the demands of the employer in this project, the loop can form the ultimate response and the beaming idea of the project, especially since the desired building is on 2 levels and due to the multiplicity of intended uses and also the need for proper rotation of the audience in all spaces, a clear dialogue should be established between these spaces.

    Examining illustrious examples of similar projects, such as BMW World in Munich and the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, we find that an emphasis on the dynamics of the space, fluidity and a scrutable circulation that correctly guides the rotation of the audience, form the most significative success parameters in such projects.

    We also added the concept of [ LOOP ] to these key points.

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    In the existing building, there was a staircase access to the upper floor, which on its own could not create the desired movement loop. Fortunately, the 15-meter half-story distance to the entrance edge of the building makes it possible to add a ramp, and by doing so, the non-removable platform present on the ground floor will also become an opportunity and facilitate the creation of the new ramp.

    Now, with the presence of this ramp, both a motion loop has been created and access to the upper floor has become easier and more attractive.

    Then we progresses to the layout of the spaces. The classic car section should be on the ground floor. We also envisaged the staff counter and accessories section in the vicinity of the cars. As the new ramp has made access to the upper space easier, we placed the café  and the simulators to the top floor to create a more attractive hangout for the younger age groups, moreover the proper infrastructure for the café and bathrooms is already existent.

    When it came to selecting the colors, we put the pedal to the metal! The combination of both a dark and a sharp color can be an attractive choice, because it makes the surrounding more warm and mysterious and also gives  customers the energy and courage needed to press that accelerator pedal harder. As a particular brand name was not to be emphasized and the identity of Persia Khodro was to take center stage, the sharp complementary color we selected was red. Thus, the movement flow and sharper spaces, such as the simulators section and the cafe, turned red to add dynamism to the design.

    In terms of materials, epoxy for flooring (for speed and ease of implementation) and knauf and MDF for the walls and ceiling can be the best options ahead.




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