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      Kohsar , Kordan , Karaj – 2020

      500 m2


      In progress

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    What if we have to make access to the street attached to the villa building in a large 2,000-meter garden ??

    This was the beginning of the story of the villa in front of the garden.

    In the construction permit known as the jihadi permit (agricultural jihad), the new building had to be constructed right on the site of the previous building, with the same level of occupancy, and in this project, the old building was attached to the north access garden of the garden.

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    In the culture and conditions of our society, the majority of the villa is expected to be in a cozy place away from direct view, so here we were far from the desired situation.

    On the other hand, the height of the building should not exceed 2 floors.


    Due to the location and dimensions of the main mass of the building, which was clear, we slid the second floor layer in such a way that both the created console, the entrance and the covered parking lot were created, as well as a large terrace with a view in 3 directions.


    The client insisted that the indoor pool be underground, which means that there is no direct view of the garden at this level. what should we do?

    We moved the basement layer so that a garden pit would appear near the pool, both to improve its feel and to enjoy the sun in the open air.


    The ground floor layer also needed a break to pass the 3 old trees of the site and not disturb their peace.


    The main openings that could not be attached to the street, so we placed the interior spaces in such a way that the communication paths are adjacent to the side attached to the street and most of the main spaces face the garden. Now we could have the minimum number of openings facing the street and the maximum number of them facing the garden.

    Finally, a shell, from the side of the street, covered the entire main white volume of the building, which opened completely to the garden. The old building was made of bricks; So the shell was made of brick with a small role above the main entrance to be a little reminiscent of the past.

    We also saw openings facing the street with slits for tree placement and with indirect windows; Which have split both the main white mass and the brick shell.


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