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    • Pounak , Tehran – 2018

    • 75 m2

    • Office

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    Property offices are usually on the ground floor and adjacent to the sidewalks, but this time the employer was planning to convert a relatively small 2-meter office on the second floor into a real estate consulting office and, like any other employer, had broad and long-standing demands for available space.

    The unit consisted of a room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a toilet and lounge that all came out of the lounge window and a small window sill. The client wanted a consultant and client, a waiting room, a management room, a brewery and a reception.

    We started with the layout of the space, the management room at the end, the bathrooms in the bathroom, the sitting room in the kitchen and the rest of the space for the consultants and customers.

    We saw the control room as a separate wooden box to be both warm and index. A glass partition also separated it from the rest to adjust the amount of transparency associated with other spaces.

    The main windows of the unit; the narrow window was separated from each other so that the walls between them were removed to provide better light and visibility and to be seen inside the unit from the outside.

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    The main thing was the consultants 'and clients' salons and the inclusion of all the demands of the client in this space. The consultants are usually considered separate tables but here we had to find another solution. Throughout the front wall, we cut through office files where the 4 suspended desks went out at appropriate intervals, so that at each desk, the consultants were on one side and their clients on the other. Thus, both the number of employers was provided and the simplicity and readability needed for such a space. The client will be accepted as soon as he enters the space, in coordination with the secretary, in front of a suspended desk and a consultant's style.

    The small space dictated the space, the white and the simplicity of the design, which we merged with a shell design concept, dark green was chosen as the bottom color, and wherever we wanted, the top was removed and the dark green was highlighted. We did. Near the entrance, we lifted the wall shell and embedded the reception desk.

     At the back of the service and near the entrance to the management room, we removed all the white shells to create an all-green waiting space, and the green roof ceiling also provided cooling space.

    The consultants' tables are shells that have fallen from the ground and the greens beneath them, beneath the feet of the consultants and customers. The geometry of these tables was designed in harmony with the geometry of the cooler canal in the roof to resemble an integrated, earth-shattered set of hinges.

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